Types Of Glass Shower Screens

The frameless shower screen has revolutionized the bathroom designs. They have provided the bathroom with the elegant look, utilization of lighting and continuity in bathroom design. The frameless glass screens are now part of every bathroom construction and renovations. The frameless shower screens are made of glass panels. Due to the versatility of glass, these frameless shower screen comes into the different design, sizes or even types like the sliding shower screen. Not all frameless glass shower screen needs to be transparent. The choice of glass is dependent on the user. The frameless glass shower screen can come into the following types.

• Frosted glass is the most popular type of shower screen. The soft frosting being done on glass, which in turn seems pleasant and also add privacy for shower user. This also helps to make the bathroom available for others when a person is using the shower. Extra lighting can be added to the shower area as the frosting will not allow complete bathroom light to enter.

• Tinted glass is also a unique type of frameless less glass shower screens. The light color can be added to the glass which can be according to their design of the bathroom. This gives the bathroom a distinctive look and highlight for the shower area. Also provides privacy for the shower.

• Etched glass is used for creative designs on shower screens. The glass can be imprinted with designs of your user choice and this makes them an eye-catcher.

• Antiqued glass shower screens are also in demand. They are to provide traditional looks to the bathroom. But they are for very specific design.

All the frameless glass shower screens have the same function to each other but differentiation occurs to enhance the beautification of the shower screen. Also, some people prefer privacy while doing the shower.

The frameless glass screens are popular and integral to enhance the look of your bathroom. But they are something which needs to be considered while installing these shower screens.

The frameless shower screens are expensive. As in comparison to a tradition shower screen, frameless glass screens need glass that is highly treated and strong. The strong glass comes with a strong price, and any beautification of glass will add extra price on it. Sometimes if not properly installed frameless glass shower screens can cause leakage issues. Because the tradition shower screen contains a metallic frame which is a good insulator of water and gaps are not present due to the metal filling but in case of glass frames, gaps will remain at the joints. If the direction of the shower if directly facing to these joints, then chances are high that will make water to leak. But the amount of water will be less and controllable.

Apart from some drawbacks, each designer recommended installing glass shower screens because of the elegance which they provide is far superior then there tiny drawbacks.